“Since Anomaly’s founding we have never done a time sheet. We do not believe in the practice of selling time.
At best, selling time is a commoditizing force that encourages agencies to staff more take longer to deliver — at worst selling time is selling a lie.
Anomaly does not sell time, we do not even collect the data. Rather we sell the value of our output.”

This album has been fueling my work day on repeat today. Intense, raw, and driving.


Wires knolled in Casey Neistat’s studio.


dj panda


The gifs on this blog are amazing!



“Behar, who is Jawbone’s chief creative officer, allows that he and his Fuseproject colleagues “are not known as being yes-men and yes-women.” “I don’t think you can practice what we do without a strong vision,” he says. When he meets with resistance, he often tells his clients that “there is no time for average work.” Behar also repeats the mantra Pixar adopted when it decided to rewrite Toy Story 2 from scratch eight months before its release: Pain is temporary, but suck is forever. When a design finally comes together, he says, “the pain is forgotten. What lasts is the quality of the work.”